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Regina S

I have been using Revitalash and it is amazing without having to worry about the side efffects in Latisse.

Deanna G.

Seems like a logical idea.

deb c

I didn't like the side effects of Latisse. I wonder what the side effects would be for the hair growth serum.


I've never tried Latisse because of the side effects - I wonder if they would be worse with hair serum since you're using more of it? Or maybe less because you're not using it around your eyes.

Beatrice Garcia

Wow I've never had the opportunity to use your products but I've heard great things about it so I would love a chance to try it myself and tell other people about it first hand.


Still waiting on possible side effects but, yes, if they're anything like Latisse's, you'll need to read the fine print carefully...

Debbie C

It sounds interesting but side effects scare me. So did using Latisse around the eyes. I also wondered if your moisturizer messed with the Latisse.


I love the pic! :)

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