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Are you kidding?! KATE WINSLET?! Go Lily :)))


Fantastic! Lots of sage advice.


Great Interview!! She seems really nice & down-to-earth as you mentioned. Must've been a real gem to interview:)


Wow you did it again Lily!
What a nice lady kate is, and I think it is a pleasure to interview real artists like her...
PS you site looks great.


Kate is amazing. fabulous interview, Lily! :)

kelle L.

Great Kate Winslet Interview. she's an amazing beauty icon. Thx!


Divine interview, just like the divine Ms. Winslet...Saw Revolutionary Road recently and I am still reeling from her magnificent, crushing performance as April.

Lucky you!!! Great work.


Kate is so fantastic!
And so are you, Lily!
Thanks a lot, this interview is really great! :)


I saw her in Letterman recently, she looked great, and her skin was flawless.


Great interview, I liked your choice of question.


The interview is really great!!
Kate is fantastic!!

LA Pretty

My girl crush! You interviewed my girl crush! I'm so jealous!!! Ooooo talk to Cate Blanchett next!


wow! she is AMAZING! great interview :) I love how she is like every actress who doesn't feel the need to starve herself and work out til she bleeds!!

dorothy l

what a good interview very real.

kathy pease

i love kate i think she is such a great actress she was so great in the reader :)


I adore Kate! She's beautiful and classy and so inspiring! Great interview.

Valerie C.

She's so talented and has her head on straight. I like her common sense approach to life!

Darcy Bishop

I love her! Gorgeous, talented, smart, and still so grounded.

Valerie C.

She is beautiful inside and out! I've admired Kate for years.

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