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Wow!! I'm going to take this as "a sign" (to buy, that is) ... :o ) I was literally just looking at an article on these this morning, thinking they looked pretty darned interesting. Now I'm sold ... going to get me a couple - thanks! xo

The Jet Set Girls

These scare me a little. I worry that I would end up a big pink mess. But then again, I have yet to master liquid eyeliner!

Shop With a Vengeance!

These look great! Thanks for posting!!!


They're MUCH easier to use than liquid liner (something I still have yet to master without a Q-Tip in hand, too!) :)

You just squeeze a dot on the apple of each cheek and blend with your fingers or with his Watercolour Brush, which comes with the Blush if you purchase it on QVC (Launching in May). The brush is fantastic, but not required.

Lily x

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