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Fabolous Hair the World Over

If you can't find a colour that matches your hair perfectly, you can always use a watered down semi permanent colour (1/2 colour, 1/2 water)as a toner to blend the extensions with your own hair. Nice.

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hair extantion is not easy thing. http://hairlosscounter.com/ specified the info about many treatment option for the hair. Try to use any other treatmnet for hair growth and gaining.

Theresa Kruger

Thanks..those are great tips! You can totally tell when some women are wearing hair extensions. They really need to look natural or forget it!

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Kudos to this interesting tip! This is usually the problem of many women (and some men) - long hair and fabulous extensions seem not to fit together at all, and a lot of care has to be made.

Get Rid of Bad Breath

Good tips!
I am looking for a good extension, after..I accidentally cut my hair short!

How To Videos

THE UGLY is undeniably UGLY.

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What is the best shampoo and conditioner product out there to renew my curly hair?
I hate my hair.My friends are always suggesting me to straighten it but I just can't come to my senses of having all of that heat on my hair. Whenever i take time to comb my hair it just starts to get nappy and starts to get tangled........
I need to try a hair care product that will renew my hair back to it's curly form!

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one you can buy and clip on and leave the house abd when you come back take it off again? what are they called

Academy Salon Professional

Hair are in the most importent parts of body as they are visible always, and everybody wants his hairs to be good looking so that we can try many kinds of shampoos and conditioners. And if there is any party or celebration, we always make them looking good. Here is a website which has some ideas for the people who are realated to hair cutting saloon professionals http://www.academyforsalonprofessionals.com/

Donna Bella Hair

Your posts have entertained for awhile now, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the information that can be found here. Thank you

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I definitely agree with Ken's suggestions. Too many people try to do to much with their hair and it doesn't turn out looking very natural...

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