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Are these people paying you? I seriously mean this? I too had a facial at this spa which , by the way is no longer owned or controlled by Cornelia. She's given over to the big bad corporate entities for bucks. Yes the salon is pretty and in a great location, but the staff stink. Rrom the facialist to the receptionist...all were unreliable , surley and lacked skill. Please let me know if I can test it for you sometime again and report back with a better result. For the monent , I'm sticking to Tracie Martyn.


No, I'm not being paid by Cornelia at all! I'm completely independent. I've been to their spa on my own dime for various treatments, but in this instance they did comp the facial. That, however, doesn't have anything to do with my review.

It was honestly the best facial I've ever received... From the two-person pampering session, to the way my skin's been glowing ever since- I can't find a flaw.

I'm so sorry you had such an awful experience there, who did your facial? I had Joanna and she was lovely.

PS- Do tell about Tracie Martyn, what's your favorite service there? I've heard her spa's wonderful as well.


If you are are a Manhattan gal finding Tracie Martyn products should be easy...Bergdorfs is my suggestion. Tracie, a lovely British woman does wonderful specialty facials in her salon. Her products are also a favorite of many celebs. The salon is quaint, quite and chic. The experience is very private.

By the way, do you work in the beauty biz and is this blog your creation? It is one of my personal favorites. I'm actually considering starting a blog focusing on natural /homeopathic beauty treatments. Can you offer any advice on how to begin? Would I have to dispatch bloggers to live events such as store openings or new product launches, and then get their feedback? If you have any idea of how it works, I'd love to know.

In the meantime check out Traciemartyn.com


Thank you! That's very kind :)

I'm a freelance writer and use Typepad as my blog host (they're wonderful). Starting a blog is easy if there's something you're passionate about. Just start with the first post, and the rest should come quite naturally.

Best of luck!

Lily x

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