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I love it! simply stunning, instant adoration.


I like it, for a perfume is nice and different, but I definitely think most of it's charm comes from the song that is fabulous ;)


I don't know how I feel. I mean, I don't hate it, but it certainly doesn't "sell" the product very well and I would never know what the ad was for if they hadn't said it. Then again, that's how a lot of these new campaigns are. To be honest, perfume ads don't really sway me because I really have to go to the store and smell a scent before I can get excited about it. And I'm not such a huge Gucci fan anyway.

I really like the Clean scents and Marc Jacobs Rain and the new Bobbi Brown Baby scent. Although my all time favorite, always come back to it scent is Angel (I've been wearing it forever, since way before it was everywhere, so it's kind of annoying that everyone wears is now!).


Like the Blondie, and the models' hair. Don't like the strange dancing and whippet-thin arms.


Well, it is one of those types of advertising that you think it is a fashion show or home furnishing, personally I am not crazy about it. If he was showing at the beginning that these models are wearing the perfume, then the dancing makes more sense( like Chanel add) but in this case you have to wait until the end to discover it is a perfume add not furniture!!!


yikes...what was that? maybe i'm missing something (wouldnt be the first time!) but it doesnt reach me on any level...


yeah...are they selling a fragrance or a drug?!?

but i think peaceful, carefree, confident...yup i'm not sure either.


Eh... I agree! not totally sure I love it.

Claire Ellen

Heroin, anyone? Seems like these girls are having a great ol' time doing the mashed potato until they get a whiff/hit of Gucci and then they're too wasted/transported to move. David Lynch as pusherman, trying to get party girls hooked on a new drug. All I can say is it doesn't make me want to start huffing perfume. I'm sticking to Ajax (with a Lysol chaser).


Those girls can't dance for crap & they look like they are on some kind of downers, like heroine. They reminded me of all the stupid model chicks that used to come into the clubs I worked at & thought they were hot sh*t, they got trashed, threw up & did coke at the end of the night.


I want to love it for the clothes the hair the
beautiful girls, however I was too caught up in what felt like and add for rich gorgeous women that could afford cocaine in the 70's. Not so much about Gucci. It felt misplaced to me, maybe it was the music that threw me off??


I think the ending is pretty cool but as for the strange dancing of the super skinny....not in love.


I am a huge fan of David Lynch, so I was not surprised that the ad is totally weird. I like it.

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