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Overpriced Unnatural body products

I happened to walk by "Soapology" last month and I have to say I was shocked.

The young girl working there told me the products are ALL natural when in fact, the oils they use are NOT NATURAL. When I asked her what the oils are made of, she waited a second and replied "All i know is that they we use fragrance oils" (which are of course NOT essential oils as deceivingly portrayed, and are actually CHEMICALS, oils made by synthetics).

When I asked her about the ORGANIC SOAPS she said they do have lye in them - which defiantly makes them NOT ORGANIC or NATURAL!

Moreover, the prices are absolutely ridiculous, and you can find the products for much cheaper and better at REAL organic stores.

Save the trip and find a certified store. The products might be appealing to the eye- but are defiantly not good for your skin.


Unfortunately this store is just a result of clever packaging and delivery.The staff doesn't have any understanding of what's in the actual products and neither do the owners.The people selling you handmade soaps should be able to tell you how they are made ( weather through cold/hot process, hand milled, melt and pour, etc) and with what, this can reassure you that you are purchasing a quality handcrafted soap.
They do not disclose as to where the products are from besides stating its from upstate new york and the only product that they claim to be organic is the olive lotion.( note any line of cosmetics or skincare are not checked by the FDA to make sure that they are indeed organic - please do your research)

It's very sad since the place looks absolutely darling ,but it lacks in quality of service and products. I bought a lotion there which was fragranced with Oat Milk and Honey and it gave me a rash! I believe the cause was too much added fragrance.

Anyone who has the money can buy unscented products wholesale ,add their own fragrance, open up a cute shop downtown and overprice their products.Sabon NYC has better quality products although when mentioned at Soapology, they state that unlike SabonNYC they do not have parabens and preservatives,and ALL ( LIES!) of their products are organic. For soaps Sabon charges $1.80/oz and Soapology $2.50 /oz.

Point is, this store is superficial. Next time you visit, please ask questions and I'm sure you'll find that they have not many, or very evasive, answers ( where do the fragrance oils come from, how are the soaps made,etc.)

I also just want to state that all soaps are made with lye.Lye has to be present to react with the oils or fats to produce actual soap.A properly cured soap does not contain lye at the time of purchase since it has saponified and leaves nothing but soap salt. Do not think that just because a product is organic it was not made with lye.

My Favorite Store

I am currently working as a sales person for Soapology, and I must say this company prides themselves on providing their customers with some of the best quality products on the market. The products are definetly all natural, and some products, incuding their lotion and buttercream contain organic ingredients. The natural handmade soap is not displayed anywhere in the store as organic soap, it is cold process olive oil based soap. What makes it even more special is the fact that it's handmade here in the United States, just like all of their products. The aromatic oil bar is full of wonderful fragrance blends, and all the products are completely paraben free, unlike all the other companies where I've shopped in the past. All of the staff are well informed and fun to work with, and I can speak for them when I say, I would never work for a company which lies, or tries to deceive their customers. I am a huge fan of Soapology, and everyone should check out Greenopia.com for soapology's reviews and ratings based on the ingredients and the quality of the products. This is exactly how I discovered this new and exciting company! Oh, and not to mention the Zagat 2008 shopping guide, where they received excellent reviews.


I'm currently looking to work for Soapology and quite relieved to read your review since you actually work there! I was concerned to hear the previous reviews although I've also have heard many positive responses... I'm a fan of anything natual / organic and looking to work for a company thats has high quality products, puts an importance on product knowledge / education, whose cosmetics are really safe, natural and healthy for the skin! Will be interviewing there tomarrow! Look forward to meeting you soon!


Soapology is a fabulous place to stock up on soap and bath supplies! I love there atmosphere and the staff is great! I've even met the owner a few times while shopping there. I highly recommend Soapology for gifts too!


I am actually a competitor, but I wanted to address some of the comments. First of all, all soap is made with lye. You cannot make soap without lye. That is simple. That does not make it inorganic or unnatural. It is sodium hydroxide which is one of the strongest bases in nature. If you want to say lye is inorganic, you need to say lemon juice is just an acid. Secondly, high quality fragrance oils (which I am sure soapology uses) are made with essential oil blends. In fact, using essential oils in soaps and body products can be dangerous in that they can burn you and cause rashes because they are too strong. Oftentimes essential oils are treated so that they are safe to use. Like I said, I am a competitor of Soapology, but I just had to comment on those misconceptions.

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